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Many farmers who want to grow garlic want to work with equipment that is simpler to operate and more efficient! Today, we recommend this equipment called the garlic harvester!
Garlic harvester is a farm machine that uses machinery to excavate, remove soil, transport, sort, cut stem, collect, transfer and other agronomic links or single, or multiple, or all links when garlic is ripe.

garlic harvester
garlic harvester

The operation method of the garlic harvester: the garlic is excavated from the ground, or laid or miscellaneous. Then the artificial agronomic link of garlic harvesting is done manually:
Before the harvester enters the ground, the driver should understand the basic situation of the plot and pay attention to the specific orientation of the terrain, the drainage ditch or the field and other obstacles. The working speed is generally within 3.5 km/h. Of course, the mastering machine can also be appropriately improved according to the proficiency mastered by the operator, but it should be noted that the speed of the travel and the speed of the header should be adjusted to adjust the speed.
The garlic harvesting machine is mainly composed of a cutting rod device, a conveying device, a hydraulic lifting device and the like, and can harvest a variety of roots and garlics and crops in any soil! If necessary, please call our company immediately to order!