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Garlic is rich in nutritional value. Whether it is seasoning or medical, it has a certain status, so its demand is gradually increasing. However, due to geological and environmental influences,  garlic has a good and bad quality, due to the different quality of garlic. The price is not the same, so it is necessary to sort the garlic, and the garlic sorting machine can solve this problem well. What is the significance of the use of the garlic sorting machine?

garlic sorting machine
garlic sorting machine

The meaning of the use of garlic sorting machine:
In the past, the workers re-screened the packaged raw materials and graded the garlic. The size was divided and the good points were obtained to obtain greater profits. According to market statistics, the garlic grade can obtain 20% more profit than the previous one. Workers in the factory screened garlic simply by using simple labor, using a simple grading plate on the market, which is a simple dividing board, sorting according to the size of the garlic, this garlic sorter It consists of six petals, each of which consists of a ring. Each ring has a different diameter. Each size of garlic can only correspond to a circular hole, so that the workers can compare the size of the ring with its own. Experience the classification and screening of garlic. Workers can only select one size of garlic and separate the garlic of different sizes through teamwork. The worker’s visual inspection and the help of the garlic sorter greatly improve the sorting of garlic. Efficiency, there are still many drawbacks in this screening. There are still some specifications that are not in accordance with the selected garlic. It is very hard for workers to be tired for a day. The most important thing is that there are error rates. For some large export enterprises, this kind of The phenomenon is not allowed.

Although manual sorting of garlic is simple, it needs to be sorted back and forth, and the labor process will have excess consumption, so it is relatively easy. In the face of so many garlics, there are many garlics that have been easily reformed in the society. Choosing the machine, the classification of garlic resolutely became the biggest problem in the garlic industry. Through labor and labor, the idea of ​​sorting by machine was slowly derived. This simple garlic sorting machine is more labor-saving than its artificial one. Its structure is like In our life, the drum washing machine has many round holes in its inner wall. According to the actual needs, the diameter of the round hole can be determined. When working, the garlic is poured from one end, and the garlic is also dropped from the corresponding round hole as the drum rotates. Go on, to achieve the requirements of garlic sorting.

The garlic sorting machine indirectly improves the sales of garlic. The garlic sorting machine manufacturer makes the production of farmers more simple and convenient. Thank you for reading. If you have more questions, please stay tuned to the company website.