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The use of garlic classifier can reduce users’ processing of garlic and also improve the efficiency of garlic planting. In order to ensure the good efficiency of garlic classifier and the quality of garlic treatment, attention should be paid to the maintenance of garlic classifier.

garlic classifier
garlic classifier

1. Before operation, the garlic classifier should pay attention to carefully check the fasteners of the machine to make sure that the parts are connected firmly. Before working, the garlic classifier should pay attention to filling each rotating part of the machine with oil.

2. At the end of each day, the machine should take care to remove the dirt and other debris from the machine. Check the bearings and chains of the garlic classifier to see if they need to be replaced or adjusted.

3. When storing garlic classifier, it should be placed in a place of ventilating and shading and should not be placed in the open air. Garlic classifiers sit idle after the planting season. Be sure to clean the machine at this time, and then apply grease to some parts that are easy to wear.