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The appearance of garlic peeling machine not only greatly improved the work efficiency, but also greatly reduced the work intensity of workers.Compared with the artificial ones, the garlic peeling machine can guarantee the integrity of the garlic, which will not be damaged. Moreover, the use of the garlic peeling machine has no pollution to the environment, which is in line with the concept of green environmental protection. Therefore, the artificial peeling machine is gradually replaced by the garlic peeling machine.

Advantages of garlic peeling machine compared with manual peeling:


1.Dry peeling does not require water and is environmentally friendly

2. The performance of garlic peeling machine is stable, practical, safe, easy to maintain and easy to operate

3. Compact structure and small floor space

4. During the process of peeling garlic, the size of garlic cloves will not be restricted completely. Once the cloves are removed, garlic peeling machine has no damage to garlic, and the storage time of garlic rice is long

5. The removal rate of garlic is higher than 98%

6. Adopt automatic digital control of pneumatic principle to make the garlic rice smooth and free from damage after peeling.The broken garlic clove is processed into the garlic rice without any damage, the garlic clove can be peeled clean without soaking water, the peeling rate can reach above 95%, the garlic clove is separated automatically.

7. Adopt the specially designed peeling principle, during the peeling process, the garlic clove does not pass the blade and the hardness friction function completely, ensuring the garlic does not damage, the surface is smooth, does not pollute.The equipment is practical, power saving, high production efficiency, easy maintenance and cleaning, low failure rate.

8. Equipped with automatic feeding device, automatic separation of garlic and garlic peel, the product conforms to hygiene standards, and can be stored for several days due to the fact that garlic kernels are not easily damaged.