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Why does the customer choose Shuliy’s garlic harvester machine?

Garlic is a labor-intensive cultivation crop, and that harvest garlic is an important part of its production process, and there exist problems of large labor intensity, long occupation of agricultural time, high seasonal strength, large loss in harvest and low efficiency. The general procedures for harvesting garlic by hand are as follows: 1. Use a shovel to dig the garlic out of the ground and shake the earth off. 2. Remove garlic roots with a knife and arrange them neatly; 3. Remove the garlic stalks with a knife and gather the garlic cloves; 4. Bag the garlic; 5. Transfer the garlic bags to the vehicle; 6. Transport the garlic to the drying area. The amount of labor required to harvest garlic is therefore staggering, and the industry desperately needs mechanized harvester machine.


The harvest of garlic has become the main problem affecting the development of garlic industry. Shuliy machinery after years of investigation and research on garlic production at home and abroad, developed garlic harvester machine has been put into use in many areas in China. And a large number of garlic harvester machines exported to foreign garlic concentrated planting areas, with high efficiency welcomed by the majority of garlic farmers.

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Garlic harvester machine is a farm machine which excavates, removes soil, transports, sorts, cuts stems, collects and transports garlic when garlic is ripe. Garlic harvester with simple operation, small damage, high efficiency, saving labor costs and other characteristics. Garlic harvester machine is made of high strength steel, with good hardness, shock resistance, with no fracture and other characteristics, supporting 30-50 horse in the drag, the use of vibration shovel has a good adaptability to clay ground. Both sides of the rotary knife design, can ensure the greatest extent not to damage the garlic, conveyor belt transmission has a protective device. 40 horsepower tractor can assure 3 archives normally work, speed is fast, the effect is good.


Many garlic farmers said the machine works well, not only did not hurt the garlic, even the root of the soil is very clean. Garlic harvester machine at least a day to harvest ten acres of land, the efficiency is several times of artificial, so that the vast number of garlic farmers at home and abroad saved production costs, greatly improved economic benefits.