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It is well known that the garlic harvester is simple and quick to use, which greatly reduces the labor force, saves the physical strength and improves the production efficiency. It is deeply loved by the working people.

Daily maintenance of garlic harvesters
Daily maintenance of garlic harvesters

1. Use high-quality and matching parts, grease and lubricating oil to plug the source of harmful impurities.
2. During the wet ground construction, the garlic harvester should pay attention to changing the equipment into crawler-type or half-crawling-type, which can be conveniently and timely to harvest the crops. When the mud foot depth is large, increase the width of the ground wheel of the unit to strengthen the anti-slip ability and expand the ground area as much as possible, so as to avoid the garlic harvester depression.
4. The protection work of the garlic harvester at the work site should be done well, so as to ensure that the corresponding mechanism can work normally and prevent any impurities from entering the machine.
5. The machine in fault shall be repaired in a normal place, and protective measures shall be taken when repairing on site to prevent the parts which are replaced during on-site repair from being contaminated by dust and other impurities before entering the machine.
6. Grasp the harvest, turn, work and other matters when harvesting; try to avoid stopping the garlic harvester during the operation; raise the harvester up, step back for a certain distance, and then harvest.