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Garlic root concave cutting machine instructions

The Garlic root concave cutting machine , a new product from Shuliy machinery, saves the high cost and labor costs of manual root cutting. Due to the accelerating rhythm of life, the lack of the labor market is more and more processed garlic root become dehydrated garlic slice factory is a big problem, now Shuliy machinery production of garlic root concave cutting machine solved the problem, a hundreds of people are needed to manually cutting root of 2-4 tons cutting root net slice garlic factory, it only need each machine 6 people per class now.

garlic root concave cutting machine01

garlic root concave cutting machine02

Garlic root concave cutting machine must use grounding wire. Before starting up, check whether there are sundries on the chain and between the material cup to ensure that there are no sundries before starting up, so as not to damage parts. When starting up, first press the rotary cutting start, until the rotary cutting blade rotation is normal, then press the transfer start, and then put the garlic root without soil block upward on the material cup, garlic will be driven by the transmission chain for automatic root cutting. Note: do not put your hand into the gap between the cups to avoid bruise. When the machine stops, press the transmission stop first, and then press the rotary cutting stop after all the garlic ends on the feeding cup to avoid damaging the blade.

The machine has been adjusted according to the general specifications of garlic before the factory, if the garlic processing is too large or too small: 1, according to the required root cutting standards to adjust the adjustment screw of hair root cleaner, to adjust the standard of hair root cleaning; 2, adjust the root cutting pressure wheel bearing seat to adjust the height of the screw, bring out the required root cutting standards.