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Clutch is an important part of the garlic harvester, it affects the driving situation of the equipment, and the clutch as a frequently used component, its wear is relatively serious, so we must always maintain it, so that Can extend its life.

Cleaning and maintenance of the garlic harvester clutch:

Garlic harvester
Garlic harvester

1. Due to the long-term exposure of the separation bearing, the lubrication conditions are very poor. Therefore, after every 300 to 500 hours of operation, the separation bearing should be removed, cleaned with diesel oil, made flexible, and then placed in a container filled with butter. Heat until the butter has filled the bearing. After it has cooled and solidified, remove it and install it.

2. The separation claw and the spiral slant surface of the bearing cap should be cleaned frequently and lubricated with oil or grease, and the oil should be dripped into the small oil hole on the separation claw to lubricate the separation claw and the separation claw.

3. When the inner friction plate, the active piece and the pressure plate of the clutch are stained with oil or rust, it should be removed or removed, and cleaned with gasoline or kerosene, dried and then installed.

4. After cleaning or replacing the clutch bearing, apply a proper amount of butter, and make the side with the dust cover facing the clutch. Do not install it to prevent oil from flowing into the clutch and make the clutch slip.

5. Regularly adjust the clutch’s operating mechanism, remove the dirt, tighten all the connecting bolts, and lubricate the clutch pedal shaft according to the regulations.

6. If it is found that the friction lining exposes the rivet head, cracks, breakage, large-area charring, and each friction lining wear to a thickness of less than 3.4 mm, a new friction lining should be replaced.

The maintenance of the garlic harvester clutch should be carried out from several aspects. In the course of use, you can refer to the maintenance method taught in the article. Because the clutch is very important for the garlic harvester, everyone must be strict when carrying out maintenance work. Follow the specifications to avoid unexpected situations.