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We must not only understand the maintenance work of the garlic harvester, but also pay attention to the anti-rust treatment of the equipment. In fact, the last process of the harvester is painting. The paint can not only make the surface of the medicine harvester look more beautiful, but also effectively protect it. Mechanical surface to prevent mechanical rust. However, we need to do some work before painting the machine.

Garlic harvester
Garlic harvester

1. Select the type of paint: We can choose the anti-corrosion paint or decorative paint, waterproof paint, etc. according to the sprayed parts.
2, check the performance of the coating: the performance of the coating determines the degree of surface aging of the machine, so choose a good performance coating.
3. Stir the paint thoroughly: Before spraying, firstly stir the paint evenly, so that it is more effective when sprayed onto the machine.
4. Adjust the viscosity of the paint: the viscosity is too small and too large, so you can test it before spraying to adjust the optimum paint viscosity.
5, paint color adjustment: before we spray, we can adjust the paint into our ideal color, so that the garlic harvester can be more beautiful.
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