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1. Production process.
Ripe garlic garlic cloves → peeled → deodorized → ground → paste → mixed ingredients → finished products
Ripe garlic garlic cloves→breaking→adjusting PH→filtering→precipitate→mixing ingredients→finished products
2. Operating points.
(1) high-quality garlic with a large floor peeling machine or chemical method to remove the outer skin of garlic, and then sorted
And cleaned, and then odor-dissolved with 0.02-0.05% ZS-3 deodorant, that is, retain all the active ingredients of garlic, including
Spicy taste, just remove the characteristic smell of garlic

Garlic paste processing process
Garlic paste processing process

(2) Breaking treatment. When breaking or breaking, add a protective agent and stabilizer, vitamin B1, and use lemon
The citric acid adjusts the pH to 4.0-4.5.
(3) Filtration treatment. Juice the crushed garlic and separate the residue and juice, then use a centrifuge to juice
The liquid was separated into a precipitate and a supernatant to obtain a precipitate.
(4) Mixing ingredients: mixing the residue, precipitate and garlic obtained above, and adding salt, monosodium glutamate, etc.
Seasoning, that is, pure garlic sauce.