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Garlic peeling machine helps you to increase the working efficiency

Garlic peeling machine is the dry type machine for peeling garlic. Garlic peeling machine can automatically peel the shell of the garlic clove without soaking and meanwhile there is no damage to the garlic at all. The peeling rate can reach at 95%. Garlic peeling machine is suitable for dry garlic peeling process. And  is widely used in restaurant, hotel, vegetable processing plant, condiment factories, large wholesale vegetable market, etc.

garlic peeling machine 01

The main advantages of garlic peeling machine:

  1. Adopts special pneumatic principle, no water and free from pollution.
  2. Automatic digital & computerized control system and automatic feeding device, the shell and the garlic clove can separate automatically without any damage.
  3. Practical, high efficiency and low energy consumption, finishing the drying and peeling at one time.
  4. High peeling rate is up to 95%.
  5. Stable performance, easy operation and maintenance.
  6. Suitable for complete production line or working dependently.