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Every year when garlic is harvested, it is the happiest time for farmers. The hard sweat finally pays off. However, with the expansion of scale and the increase of land, garlic harvest gradually becomes more and more tired.Now garlic harvesters are making farmers’ jobs more efficient and convenient.

 garlic harvester

Garlic is nutritious: 69.8 grams of water per 100 grams, 4.4 grams of protein, 0.2 grams of fat, 23.6 grams of carbohydrates, 5 milligrams of calcium, 44 milligrams of phosphorus, 0.4 milligrams of iron, and C3 milligrams of vitamin c.It also contains trace elements of thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, allicin, citral and selenium and germanium.About 0.2% volatile oil, the main component of oil is garlic horserin, has bactericidal action, is the garlic containing allicine hydrolyzed by the action of garlic enzyme production.There are a variety of allyl, propyl and methyl sulfide compounds.Use a garlic harvester to harvest garlic faster and more efficiently.

The garlic harvesters we sell have high efficiency, low rate of breakage, high speed and smooth operation, free from grass clogging.In addition, single row potato harvester structure simple, long service life