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The garlic clove machine adopts the specially designed peeling principle, during the peeling process, the garlic clove does not pass the blade or the hardness friction action completely, therefore ensures the integrity, freshness and pollution-free of garlic cloves. And the garlic divider also equipped with automatically drying, peeling operation function, meanwhile, is characterized with electricity energy saving, high yielding and high efficiency, and easy to clean up. With automatic temperature controller and feeding device, garlic cloves will separate automatically, and it conform to the hygiene standards. Because of there is no damage on garlic cloves, it can be stored more days after peeling. It has greatly improved the production efficiency and meets the hygiene standards, and is nearly 10 times higher in output than manual peeling. The broken rate and unpeeled shell rate are less than or equal to 0 – 2%, and the peeling rate is up to 99 or 8%.

Mechanized production reduces the possibility of workers touching garlic and avoids secondary pollution. The price of garlic varies by changing of season, and the lack of market supply in the off-season. Sometimes it even leads to supplying disconnection. The application of this equipment largely solved these problems and satisfied the market demand for garlic.

In the past, the garlic cloves are divided through rotation motor under dried condition, the peeling rate is only about 50%, the garlic bruising rate is very high. But Shuliy’s latest production of combined garlic peeling and dividing machine raised the peeling rate to about 90%. Without air compressor the peeling rate can reach about 90%, while, combined with air compressor, the peeling rate of garlic can reach over 98%