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The home Garlic grinding machine is a small expert in life. It can help us to process garlic quickly and efficiently. It is very efficient and convenient, and there are many garlic recipes that we don’t know. We will introduce one to you today.
1. Prepare raw materials, preferably purple leather garlic
2. Peel the garlic, just cut it off and easily peel it off.
3. Put all the garlic rice into the Garlic grinding machine and make the garlic.
4. Dig a large spoonful of garlic to another small bowl. Pour the oil into the pan and heat it until it smokes. Pour it into the bowl.
5. Hey! The purpose of this is to polish the garlic on one hand, to stimulate the garlic on the one hand, but not to focus the garlic, but also to maintain a certain consistency of the garlic.
6. Repeat several times until all the garlic is processed, pour into the box, add a little MSG

Garlic grinding machine

This way, the garlic sauce made with the Garlic grinding machine is ready, the kitchen must be, very delicious, easy to learn.