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The use of garlic drying machine

  1. The garlic drying machine  shall be used in accordance with the temperature range specified on the nameplate, and the oven must be well grounded.
  2. No inflammable articles such as oil basins, oil drums, cotton yarn and cloth scraps shall be piled up near the garlic drying oven, and no washing, scraping and painting shall be carried out beside the garlic drying machine .
  3. To prevent other objects falling into the bottom of the garlic drying machine and resistance wire contact caused by short circuit.garlic drying machine01
  4. Power must be cut off before opening the garlic drying oven. Do not leave during heating.
  5. Do not store items, such as tools, equipment parts and oil volatiles, in the oven.
  6. After gasoline, kerosene, alcohol, flammable liquid washed parts and spray painted items, should be placed at room temperature for 15 to 30 minutes, the majority of flammable liquid volatile, can be put into the oven to bake, indoor ventilation should pay attention to.
  7. Garlic drying oven in the work must not be cleaned, not to wipe with gasoline.
  8. Non-metallic items into the oven heating, must be in accordance with the process specification.
  9. Garlic drying oven must be opened before the ventilation gate, in case of explosion.
  10. Check the automatic control device before use, indicating whether the signal is sensitive and effective, and whether the insulation of the electrical line is sound and reliable.