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Garlic separator is able to accurately separation devices, but there are a lot of users reflect the accuracy and the equipment in your work, so may be due to people don’t have the right to use and operation, therefore, we should realize that the main factors influencing the precision of, only in this way can ensure the quality of the work of the machine.
The accuracy of the Garlic separator can be defined as the number of times an object is weighed on a weighing device, and the standard error of its weight value (premise: mean error =0).The most important evaluation indexes for the accuracy of garlic sorter are mean value and standard deviation.
The sum of a set of data divided by the number of pieces of data.
Standard deviation: a measure of the dispersion of a data distribution, usually expressed as a measure of the deviation from the arithmetic mean.In general, we define the dynamic accuracy of an online weighing scale by a standard deviation of plus or minus 3 times. For a given product, the smaller its standard deviation value under certain testing conditions means the higher dynamic precision of the device.The dynamic precision must be the precision under the given product, the given testing condition and the given precision definition method.So, what are the main factors that affect the accuracy of garlic sorter?

garlic machine
garlic machine

Garlic separator display
First. product factors
1. Product category
2. Product weight
3. Passing quantity
4. Stability of product passing
Second, environmental factors:
1. Temperature, humidity, etc
2. Factors such as air flow, ground vibration, belt friction, etc
Third, human factors:
1. Improper use and setting
2. Garlic separator level