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In order to reduce the loss that garlic harvester in the actual operation to users due to malfunction, we must grasp certain skills during the garlic harvest! This can not only improves the efficiency of harvesting, but also prolongs its service life.

Precautions of using garlic harvester are as follow:

Garlic harvesters often need to turn over, cross over the ridge, and transfer plots in field operations. When harvester is away from the ground 1-2 meters and there is need to turn, it must keep a straight line running state, first hoist the machine and then turn its head, absolutely without any load, otherwise, the traction part of the machine in 20-65 cm underground mechanical parts will suffer huge torque and resulting in the mechanical parts of traction part deformed and damaged or accelerated wear.

Some garlic rhizomes content high moisture, are very tender and brittle, easy to break, and require high standard of harvesting operations. Therefore, in the field work, the driver of garlic harvester should ensure linear driving, do not arbitrarily change direction. In order to keep a stable linear driving, it is necessary to make the center line of resistance of the matching harvester in the center line of garlic harvester, and the longitudinal axis of the harvester should be correspondent with the driving direction. Otherwise, the deflection torque will be produced, which will cause the harvester to sway left and right from the forward center line, and form curve driving, thus increasing resistance of the unit and decrease operation efficiency and operation quality.

Because of heavy rain in summer, soil moisture is higher which make garlic harvester operation resistance small, but the soil viscosity is large thus make cleaning and separation is difficult, on this condition, the speed of harvester should be controlled since if vibration screen movement is too frequent, moving parts are prone to get damaged.

During field operation, lifting and descending of garlic harvester should use force adjustment hydraulic handle operation. When working, state should be kept in the force adjustment position which is mainly to ensure that there is a appropriate spacing between tractors and tools for working garlic harvester so as not to damage machinery itself.