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Garlic separator machine is very common in garlic planting industry. It is a good helper for garlic farmers to produce and process garlic. Shuliy machinery garlic separator machine adopts the principle of artificial peeler, using the rubbing between the silicone flat plate and the upper silicon cone plate, can effectively achieve the garlic separating, will not damage the garlic and has good separating effect. Shuliy garlic separator machine entered the market, immediately received rave reviews. So why is the Shuliy garlic separator machine so popular?

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Working effect:

Shuliy machinery garlic separator machine’s separating rate can reach more than 98%, it is in line with the quality assurance standards of soft roller simulation hand separating action, so that the garlic ball to achieve the effect of separating. The gap of rubber wheel can be adjusted manually, easy to operate.

Shuliy garlic separator machine on the garlic ball size is not limited, all sizes of garlic ball can be used, with the garlic does not damage, which has the advantages of high stripping rate. Shuliy garlic separator machine is easy to operate and can be used by one person alone. At the same time, it has the characteristics of practicality, energy saving and high production efficiency.


In the process of work, Shuliy garlic separator machine drives the belt pulley through the motor to obtain power, which drives the axis rod of the flat plate plate with silica gel, making the plate rotate, corresponding to the conical plate with silica gel above the flat plate plate, so that the center of the flat plate plate and the edge form a height difference, through centrifugal rubbing, garlic petal. And the machine has a fan inside, which separates the garlic rods and garlic cloves produced during the machining process into the garlic cloves for further peeling of garlic cloves, so as to ensure that the garlic cloves after the lobes are clean and tidy.



Main advantages:

1.High degree of automation, high production efficiency and labor saving.

2.Environmental protection, energy saving, no pollution to the environment and waste of raw materials.

3.Stainless steel manufacturing in line with national and food machinery requirements.

4.The equipment is delicate and generous in appearance, compact in internal structure, small in area and convenient to use.

5.Easy operation and maintenance, easy cleaning, low failure rate and long service life.