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Great profits can garlic root removing machine bring to you.

The  garlic root removing machine can be used in field and home work. It can cut garlic roots and stems one time.

The garlic root  removing machine is automatic to feed and cut root, the cut garlic can be automatically loaded into the bag. It cut completely and fast. It is so efficient.

garlic root removing machine03

The garlic root removing machine is mechanical operation, save labor, automatically cut. The cut appearance is smooth, uniform size, look and feel comfortable.

The garlic root removing machine is small, flexible using, easy to operate, saving electricity, improve efficiency. It can cut 4000-6000 trees per hour.

The garlic root removing machine voltage and power are 220v AC, 120w. It also can use 48v direct-current battery power. It can be used directly in the field. (Electric tricycle full power for one-time use of the machine for more than 8 hours)