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Production Technology of Garlic Dryer Machine with Large Output

Garlic dryer machine is mainly used for drying all kinds of root vegetables and fruits. For the vast number of garlic farmers, garlic dryer is often used in the processing of garlic production line, with the use of garlic peeling machine, bubble cleaning machine and garlic slicer machine.


Large-scale garlic slice drying production process:

  1. First pour the garlic cloves on the elevator and send them to the feeding port of the slicer via a conveyor belt. Manual control of garlic cloves. Garlic slices in the slicer, slicer blade must be sharp, smooth rotation of the knife, the speed is generally 80~100 revolutions per minute.Cut out of the garlic slice to uniform thickness flat, garlic slice thickness of 1.5~1.8 mm, smooth surface. Too thick garlic slices after drying will be of yellow color, thin garlic slices are fragile, which affecting the quality of the finished product.
  2. Cut garlic slices into the bubble cleaning machine for cleaning, rubbing through the bubble, clean the slime and sugar on the surface of garlic slices. Cleaning time for 3 minutes, keep water temperature around 10 ℃.
  3. After cleaning the garlic slices to use the centrifuge attached to the surface of the garlic slices of water drying, to shorten the drying time. Put 25 to 30 kilograms of garlic into the centrifuge at a time. The centrifuge rotation speed is about 1200 rotations per minute, and the drying time is 30 seconds. After dehydrating, the garlic slices can be dried.garlic slicer machine 03
  4. Dehydrated garlic slices are dried by special heat pump garlic dryer machine. The specific method is: the garlic evenly spread in the dryer grid plate, the grid plate inserted into the material truck, the material truck into the drying room, open the host. In the process of drying temperature should be controlled between 55 ~ 75 ℃, drying time is 10 to 12 hours. The standard of dried garlic slices is: normal shape, clear and white color, moisture content of 4 ~ 5%.