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The main working mechanism of garlic root concave cutting machine

This garlic root concave cutting machine includes the rack, as well as the transmission device and conveying device fixed on the rack, several clamping devices for clamping garlic stems, and the corresponding root cutting device.

garlic root concave cutting machine02

garlic root concave cutting machine01


The conveying device is a conveyor belt, and the garlic head placement hole is arranged on it;

The clamping device is above the conveyor belt, and the garlic placement hole is directly below the clamping device. The root cutting device is located below the garlic placement hole and is perpendicular to the clamping device.

The root cutting device comprises two concave cutters, a connecting rod and a root cutting power device. Each concave cutters comprises a u-shaped bracket and a blade fixed on a u-shaped bracket. The two concave cutting knives are hinged through a connecting shaft. One concave cutter is connected with the root cutting power device through a connecting rod, and the other concave cutter is fixed on the transverse bracket of the frame with a connecting shaft.

Garlic root concave cutting machine can be used to perform continuous root removal of garlic. Garlic root removal by this device can be used to remove the root cleanly, which has less waste of raw materials and no damage to the surface of garlic cloves.